Trying New Things

Hello there!
I finished classes last weekend and now can enjoy of a couple of weeks of freedom. However, it is very close to the Holidays so I am also pretty busy with buying presents, wrapping presents, baking goodies, and extra workouts to battle those goodies. Nevertheless, I’m busting some quick fashion sketches to keep myself happy. Lately I’ve been exploring a more loose style using my Copic markers. Long necks and just a couple of strokes to create a silhouette. This technique does not only time effective, but also very easy and fun.

This sketch is of one of my favorite outfits worn by Mindy Kaling in the TV show “The Mindy Project.” I basically love all her outfits in that show and I’m personally incorporating pattern mixing and bright colors in my winter wardrobe thanks to her.

I will keep experimenting with it. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!



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